Articles written by Jemma Porter

Options if you feel discriminated at work

What are your options if you feel discriminated at work? Discrimination of any kind within the workplace is against the law. If you feel discriminated against, there are a number of options open to you to resolve the matter – but before you take action, it’s important to know what your rights are. It’s also

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Working parents rights

Working parents rights at work When you’re trying to juggle work and family it can often become a real struggle. Things don’t always go according to plan when you have kids – there are times when you may need to take time off to look after them if they are sick. Or, there could be

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Alternatives to payday loans

Credit Unions: Loan alternatives?

When it comes to borrowing money, there are quite a few options open to you. Personal bank loans and payday loans tend to be the most commonly selected forms of credit, but there are cheaper options. Borrowing from credit unions could save you quite a lot of interest. What is a credit union? Credit unions

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How safe are sunbeds

Sunbeds are one of the most popular ways to get a year round tan without leaving the country. However, there has been a lot of negative media attention given to sunbeds over the years. The question is how safe are sunbeds to use or should you be listening to the bad media reports? The potential

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loan sharks

Loan Sharks

Are you desperate for some cash? Christmas is fast approaching and you’ve no presents for the kids? Don’t fall into the trap of borrowing from loan sharks! One of the main dangers of lending money these days is that you will end up owing money to a loan shark. They aren’t always easy to spot and

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music stress relief

Listening to music can release stress

Life can become really stressful at times. Whether you have a lot going on through work or in your personal life, it can often seem like it’s becoming too much. Listening to music can release stress, it’s been discovered by a group of scientists that listening to 50 minutes of dance/uplifting music can really help

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