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What you should not do at work

10 office faux pas Are you trying to improve your chances of promotion? If you want to give off a professional vibe in the office there are a number of things what  you should not do at work. The below tips will help you to avoid the top 10 office faux pas. 1: Never disclose

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store card incentives banned

How to use a cash back credit cards at christmas

Christmas is an expensive time of the year. With so much to buy and organise, the cost can soon start to really add up. If you’re looking to save money and get a little something back, a cash back credit cards could be just what you need. Instead of getting a discount on the things

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Should I get boiler cover?

What would you do if it was the middle of winter and your boiler packed in? The cold winter temperatures mean it’s really important that you are able to get it back up and running as soon as possible. The best way to do this is with boiler cover. However, before you splash out on

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training at work

Doing more training at work

Training at work Training within the workplace is beneficial to both the employer and the employee. What many employers don’t tend to realise however, is that employees actually want to train more.If you’re working for a company and you’re wondering how to broach the subject, there are a few tips that can help. The key

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university budgeting

Business finance

If you’re searching for business finance, you have a number of routes you can go down. From loans and grants to investment finance and overdrafts; there’s a lot of help available. However, each form of finance comes with its own pros and cons so you need to work out which one would best suit your

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car hire puchase

Buying a car on hire purchase

Buying a car on hire purchase is an option for people who can not afford to buy a car outright. You can’t always plan ahead and know when you’re going to have to replace your vehicle. If it falls at a time when you have very little funds available, a hire purchase agreement could be

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