Articles written by Julia Faulks

Children arguing

Do as I say!

As a parent it’s not always easy to get the balance right between nagging your child and gently guiding them in the right direction, which is where things can get tricky – what’s right for you may not be right for them. But how much have things really changed from when you were young? Most

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Connecting with your child through play

You’ve picked the kids up from nursery or school, made dinner, run a bath, had a quick tidy up and before long it’s time for bed, so it’s not surprising that at the end of a long day many of us are struggling to find enough one-on-one time to spend with our children. Working guilt

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Summer term childcare challenges

Children may rejoice as the summer holiday approaches, but for many working parents it can be a nightmare juggling childcare and keeping them entertained without breaking the bank. Here are some suggestions for a stress-free summer… Sharing childcare Many families use the summer holiday to use up at least two weeks of annual leave and

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mental health

Worried about the welfare of a child?

The tragic story of four-year-old Daniel Pelka who was starved and beaten to death by his mother and step father in 2012 has highlighted the danger of ignoring vital warning signs when it comes to the welfare of children. But what should you do if you suspect a child is being abused? Safeguarding children Abuse

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tax meeting

Tempted by tax avoidance?

As we cope with rising living costs and more of us start up our own businesses or invest in properties, the tax man is never far behind. But when it comes to tax avoidance schemes, are there any that are actually above board or are they best left alone? The difference between tax avoidance and

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