Articles written by Liz Morrell

parental separation

Helping your children through divorce or separation

When you have children you never expect that you will be bringing them into a world that one day will be blown apart around them when two parents choose- or are forced by circumstances – to consider separation or divorce. Yet the statistics show it is more common than ever and a simple survey of

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make a will

Bereavement: Coping with your loss

Bereavement is something we all go through at some stage in our lives. Losing someone you love is never easy whatever your age but when you also have to cope with busy family life and work it is vital that you take whatever help is available to get you through the pain and enable you

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financially preparing for a baby

School Fees: How much should I expect to pay?

Are you thinking about private education and researching the cost of school fees? When considering your options for your child’s education as a working parent you have a number of routes available to you. Of course all parents have the right to a free education for their children between the ages of 5 to 16

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what parents can do to support their children's learning

Ofsted school inspections: What do they mean?

My children’s school recently went into panic mode. Why? Because they had just received the notification that Ofsted were on their way for their latest inspection. The news is enough to send any school into overdrive because the outcome of such reports is so important to parents when choosing a school for their child –

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supporting your child with different learning difficulties

Part-time and flexi boarding

Boarding schools used to be about packing the children up and off for the term in the knowledge that though you may miss them whilst they were gone, the greater glory would be the enhanced educational and social benefits of being at school full time.Do part-time and flexi boarding pupils really get the best of

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Tracking your childs progress at school

Choosing a Secondary School

Choosing a secondary school comes round quicker than you think! It may seem only yesterday that you were considering the choices for your child’s primary school education and yet suddenly the secondary school decision is upon you and the final part of your child’s imposed education is to be decided. This therefore has almost as

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