Articles written by Maria Brett

Firefighters set alight Halloween costumes in stark warning to parents

A group of firefighters have filmed themselves setting children’s Halloween costumes alight to highlight just how quickly the outfits can go up in flames. Hard-hitting video Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) said some costumes on sale in shops up and down the country took just nine seconds to become engulfed in flames and

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Petition to ban One Born Every Minute

It may be enjoyed by millions of viewers but one woman is campaigning for television programme One Born Every Minute to be taken off the air. One Born Every Minute Pregnancy and natural childbirth coach Alexia Leachman argues that the popular show doesn’t depict what labour and birth is really like for most women. As

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Tampon tax may be banished

MPs are to vote to abolish the so-called ‘Tampon Tax’ after more than 250,000 people joined an online campaign. Luxury items The controversial tax on women’s sanitary products has become a focal point as campaigners have branded it sexist. They also argue than sanitary protection should not be classed as a non-essential luxury item. Vital

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Premature baby kept alive by Tesco sandwich bag

A baby born three months early has been kept alive thanks to a Tesco sandwich bag. When little Pixie Griffiths-Grant was born by emergency Caesarean section in Plymouth’s Derriford Hospital she weighed just 1.1lb. Pixie had to be delivered at 28 weeks in May of this year. Sandwich bag Pixie’s mum, Sharon Grant had been

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£30 off holiday bookings

Blanket ban on term time holidays “unworkable”

The Local Government Association (LGA) has called for a “common sense approach” to be applied to term time holidays for families in England taking their children out of school for holidays. The move comes after it was revealed that the number of fines issued for term-time holidays has almost trebled in the last two years. Councils

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Police deploy extra patrols after reports of clowns scaring children

Police in Kent have deployed extra patrols after reports that people dressed as evil clowns have been scaring children around school areas. Suspicious incidents Kent Police say they have received reports of several ‘suspicious incidents’ where people wearing clown masks in vans have approached children outside their school. Officers are advising children to go straight

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