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breast feeding maybe natural but not always easy

Breast feeding when returning to work

Few parenting issues seem to generate such heated opinions as how you feed your baby.  Pregnant women and new parents searching the web for research are sure to come across the great breast vs bottle debate. But is it really that black and white? There are a growing number of new parents that will be

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could breastfeeding help with depression

Breast is best?

Health professionals and advertising campaigns have been drumming the Breast is Best message into new and expectant mothers for years.  But what if you can’t or don’t want to breastfeed – should you hang your head in shame or feel like you’re doing wrong by your baby?  Of course you shouldn’t. Breast is it best?

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cinemas do not need to be expensive

Cinema does not have to be expensive

Going to the cinema does not have to be expensive!I remember my mum taking me to see The Goonies when it came out at our local cinema.  We paid for tickets, took our own sweeties in and shared a bag of chips at the bus stop on the way home.  Even accounting for inflation, I’m

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Teenage daughters

When should girls start to wear make up

When should girls start to wear make up? For generations parents have looked on in dismay – and no doubt some amusement – as their daughter comes downstairs wearing make up for the first time. We’re not talking about the three-year-old dressing up like Mummy, but rather the older girl who wants to start wearing

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Benefits Of Play For Children

Kids fashion on a budget

Kids’ fashion – can it be done on a budget? Babies wriggling around on the changing mat while you struggle to dress them, toddlers refusing to wear anything other than superhero costumes and teenagers stropping about not having the latest in designer gear.  Clothes can be the source of many a disagreement between parents and

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MPs debate holidays during term time

European health insurance card

If you’re planning a family holiday within Europe then don’t forget to apply for your European Health Insurance Card.  The EHIC replaced the E111 form in 2006 and allows you access to reduced cost or even free state health care for the duration of your trip.  It could end up being essential if a member

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