Articles written by Phylly Alexander

support for women during and after pregnancy

Post natal depression

What help is available It can be frightening to suspect, or be told that you may be suffering from Post Natal Depression (PND). This is not the ‘baby blues’, which is a common reaction three to ten days after birth when rapid readjustment of hormones can cause a temporary jolt in mood – often leaving

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Travel gadgets

If you’re going on a business trip, short break with the family or even just a weekend away with some friends, you’ll be sure to want to take a few of these amazing little travel gadgets with you. Iron it Where would we be without a way to make sure we look our best? From

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Car seats and the law

Am I legal? You pick up your 6 year old daughter from school and she wants a friend to come and play but you only have one car seat – are you breaking the law to let one child ride without one? Your son is 9 years old, but nearly 5ft tall – does he

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How to be happy and single on Valentines day

Just when we’ve recovered from the obligation to demonstrate our “happy family” selves that’s such a large part of Christmas, along comes Valentine’s Day, when the pressure is on to parade our “happy couple” selves to the world. The origins of this day lie in a fascinating piece of Christian legend of which many are

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Making a career change

How to take a leap in the right direction A change of career can mean going for that high-powered managerial position, starting your own business or perhaps finally following a vocation to teach.  With the advent of later state pensions, working lives are now likely to last until at least the age of 67, so

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Small Claims Court: What is the process?

What is a small claims court? The term “small claims court” is actually a misnomer – there is no court specifically to deal with small claims, however there is a small claims process within county courts, a series of provisions specifically used to settle claims below a certain value – they usually can’t be above

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