Articles written by Paula Hendry

time for the gym

Making time for the gym

Making time for the gym Of course, you already know that you really should be getting some exercise, if you are going to keep fit and also keep up with the demands of your life. So why are you not making time for the gym?  So, is it actually feasible to maintain a routine of

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grandparents, Grandparents with grandkids

Bringing up grandchildren

Once our own children are grown, we all have a tendency to look back upon those early years with rose-tinted glasses. The years of caring for small children, which seemed such a challenge at the time, can seem like a golden era once you are in the safe position of knowing that it is over

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Mum arguing with daughter

How do you Discipline Step Children?

The whole area of the discipline of children is difficult enough, with everyone having their own views about what discipline means, and how it should be carried out. It’s a contentious area, so much so that many couples find it hard to reach agreement about it and find it a frequent cause of arguments. But

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Fast Food Gadgets

Ready meals: Quick, convenient, but let’s be honest – usually disappointing. If you are depressed by the thought of rounding off your busy day with something bland from the microwave, take a look at these fast food gadgets. They can help you make real food, fast. Pressure cookers They may take a little practice, but

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Children’s Fancy Dress

How to get make sure your kids win at fancy dress Sooner or later the dreaded day comes. Your child comes home clutching a letter – there’s a children’s fancy dress contest, and of course, your little one is desperate to enter. Now, no one is suggesting that you are the sadly competitive type, but

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Adult education

Adult Education Bursaries – Could you be Entitled?

Perhaps you are a little surprised to see the word ‘bursary’? It may feel like a relic from the past, those halcyon days of full grants and reasonable tuition fees. But yes, bursaries do still exist, and even more surprisingly, these particular ones are designed for adults. What are Adult Education bursaries? They are offered

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