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Can hypnosis help anxiety

What is Anxiety? Anxiety is actually an essential body mechanism which is triggered in response to perceived danger.  It is often referred to as the fight or flight response. When the body responds in this way it releases hormones such as adrenaline. The response includes thoughts, feelings and physiological changes. In this state everything works

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working from home

Working from home

The pro’s and con’s Working from home can be a double edged sword.   It depends as to reason why you are working from home and the job you are trying to do, as to how best go about it.  Reasons people work from home can vary.  It can be that it gives flexibility in allowing

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friends with kids

How to be friends with your kids

Do you often wonder how to be friends with your kids??  There are different schools of thought on this, after all, we already have a full and busy role as a parent so is there a space in this role to be a friend to them too?  If we are a friend does that intrude

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school nurseries

How to motivate your children in school

“Ooh little Johnny is sooo advanced for his age.” It is probably every parent’s mantr! Most parents like to think their child is above and beyond the expectations of their age range, but in reality they are probably about where they should be, but school brings them on in leaps and bounds. How to motivate your

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energy mis-selling

Tips for saving money on your energy bills

With energy prices increasing year on year it’s becoming increasingly difficult to balance the household budget – we barely have the spare cash it would take to heat up this political hot potato. Gone are the days we could leave our heating on whilst we were out so it would be nice and warm when we got

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midlife crisis

How to avoid a midlife crisis

What is a midlife crisis? Midlife crisis is a phrase often thrown around, but what do we mean by it?  What does it make you think of?   Well for me a generic vision is instantly conjured in my mind, I see an ageing, balding man zooming around in his brightly coloured soft top sports car,

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