Articles written by Siobhan Harmer

Pupil stabbed at Aberdeen school dies

A 16-year-old Scottish student has died after another pupil stabbed him at a school in Aberdeen. Murder investigation The boy, who is being called Bailey Gwynne from Maryculter, was rushed to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary yesterday after police were called to Cults Academy at 1.30pm. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save the boy, and he died in

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9 year old writes to parents regarding tooth fairy’s existence

Super sleuth and 9-year-old, Lexi has become an Internet sensation after she wrote a letter to her parents addressing the existence of the Tooth Fairy. I don’t believe Lexi composed a strongly worded letter to her mum and dad revealing the fact that not only did she know her father swapped the tooth under her

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Tax Credits for people in work

Government forced to make tax credits delay

Last night, the Lords showed unprecedented defiance as they rejected a finance measure approved by the Commons which would have cut tax credits, for the first time in over a century. Tax credits U-turn The House of Lords have approved a Labour motion that forces George Osborne to delay his tax credit cuts until he creates a

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New £200 test hugely increases IVF success rate

Oxford University scientists have created an embryo screening method that will significantly improve the chances of conceiving for IVF patients. The test costs £200 and could be available within the next six months. Increased odds Scientists already use chromosome testing, which raises the likelihood of conception from 40% to 65% for women in their mid-30s,

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school nurseries

Child benefit denied to parents who don’t send children to pre-school

An increasingly influential Conservative group has said that child benefit should be denied to parents who don’t send their children to pre-school from the age of three. ‘Essential’ Bright Blue, a liberal conservative group and thinktank, suggested this plan in a pamphlet and claim the proposal is designed to ensure children go to Sure Start

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speech lessons for grunting teenagers

Teenage strops and mood swings are normal

Throughout our teenage years we learn how to cope with and channel our emotions, and of course we all know that we’re more prone to throwing strops and sulking. A study has confirmed that these mood swings during teenage years are completely normal. Most of the time, these mood swings will disappear around the age

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