Articles written by Steven Petter

Boys Ballet

Do I have the next Billy Elliot? For dads,  it’s probably not the conversation you want to be having but in a modern world where gender stereotypes are becoming less of a problem, your son may well be inspired by the sudden flurry of dance groups and shows and decide he wants to learn to

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A levels

What are A levels? A Levels and AS levels are the usual courses offered to 16-19 year old’s at colleges and sixth forms in the UK and are the qualification of choice for higher education centres who require that potential students have completed and gained grades in a particular number of courses specifically tailored to

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Dad and son activites

For men, bonding with your son is very high on the list of priorities, it’s almost second nature for us to want to see our sons develop and grow and become men in the way we did and hopefully learn the skills for life that will make them great fathers themselves one day. Taking time

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benefits for working parents

Flexible working

We all know that getting a healthy work/life balance can be difficult, but achieving it can bring numerous rewards. On average people who feel their personal life is not hindered by their working pattern find they actually enjoy their work more, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that happy staff make

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stay at home dads

Pros and cons of stay at home dads

Stay at home dads With more and more women becoming career focused and the balance of opportunity being weighed more fairly between man and women, there is more call for men with families to stay at home and take on the roles and responsibilities traditionally seen as mum’s. More and more dad’s are hanging up

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dont like your job

Dont like your job do something about it

There’s one in every canteen, the person sitting there saying how rubbish it is to work there, moaning about every policy and calling all the manager useless as if they should be running the multi-national company themselves. If you don’t have one then I’m afraid you are the person! If you are in the situation

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