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single dads dating

Single dads dating

Dating or daunting? So you’re back out on the dating scene, you’ve ironed your best shirt and drenched yourself in Brut, time for the lucky ladies of the world to fall mercilessly at your feet, mesmerised by your dad dancing and enthralled by your witty repartee. Joking aside though, going out dating is stressful enough

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romance isnt dead

Romance isn’t dead!

Some of you men may have just sniggered at the title to this, but if you are feeling like the romance died when your little treasure came into this world then you have a choice to make, you can either complain like a child with no pocket money or man-up and do something about it.

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Workplace discrimination towards pregnant women

Rights of working parents

Rights for Working Parents Knowing the rights of working  parents can be a mine field of archaic beliefs, out-dated information and a fear of the power of business owners, but as a working parent your rights and ultimately the rights of your children are protected by law. Some of you may be fully aware of

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relationship counselling

Relationship counselling

A Man’s Perspective I’m ideally suited to this subject as I am indeed, a man, and as a man I can confirm the suspicions of all the women who are reading this, men don’t like talking about how they feel, in fact nine times out of ten we’re not even aware of how we feel,

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Unisex toilets

Which toilet should I take my child into?

So picture the scene, dad is out with his little princess enjoying a day together shopping when suddenly the dreaded words leave her lips… ‘Daddy, I need a wee’, you grip her little hand and off you go. You come to the toilets and suddenly before you there are two doors, one with a little

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