Articles written by Steven Petter

teenage personal hygiene

Teenagers and personal hygiene

Teenagers smell, it’s a fact of life, any parent will tell you, indeed any 20 year old will remember being smelly, even if they don’t admit it. There are many reasons why teenagers smell, partly because as soon as they could wash themselves you pretty much left them to it at a young age, then

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preschool nutrition

Preschool nutrition

Child nutrition The subject of preschool nutrition is a hard one, what scientists say is essential one day they are saying is out to kill you the next, food becomes a Shakespearean drama, the lines between good and bad becoming slightly blurred. In a small eating machine that worry can be compounded by fluctuating appetites

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Top 10 educational apps for kids

Beware of children using paid apps

The news is awash with stories of children using paid apps and racking up bills of thousands. As technology becomes less exclusive and our children become more aware of technologies available to them it’s easy for the doting parent to become unstuck by charges that you weren’t expecting when they are playing games on their

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Father daughter activites

Your daughter’s first period: A dads guide

Eeek! Your daughters first period – No mate we’re not talking about school, you know what we mean, the word that strikes fear into the hearts of all dads, right up there with boyfriend! It shouldn’t though, it is after all, something that happens and you need to be prepared for when that day comes.

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anorexia in boys

Boys with Anorexia

Boys with Anorexia are less likely to ask for help, with between 10-15% of sufferers being male it is important parents and carers know the symptoms. Anorexia Nervosa means ‘loss of appetite for nervous reasons’ and is one of the best known of a whole range of eating disorders that affect a variety of people

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new dads

New dads guide to pregnancy

So, you’re gonna be a Dad, congratulations! There’s going to be a range of emotions bubbling over inside you, from fear to excitement, hopefully you’ve told the family and all your friends and now it’s time for the long wait. In that time there will be a lot of changes, aside from the obvious, and

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