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attachment parenting

New dads

So, you survived pregnancy! Well done, I bet you’re feeling pretty pleased with yourself and at the same time the worry of what is about to come may be scaring you, well don’t worry its the same for all new dads, the miracle of birth is fast approaching and as those days count down you

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Tracking your childs progress at school

Tracking your child’s progress at school

Have you thought about tracking your child’s progress at school or are you already bang up to date? Packing your little bundle of joy off to school every morning without knowing what they are really doing all day can be a tough thing for some parents to do, especially if you take a keen, hands-on

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What is an academy school?

Key stages and The National Curriculum explained

Ever wanted the key stages and The National Curriculum explained? The National Curriculum was set up in 1989 as a bench mark of standards set for all state schools to achieve so that the education in the UK was at the same level in all areas of the nation and comprises of different subjects taught

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my child won't go to nursery

My child won’t go to nursery

Help! My child won’t go to nursery! Its a common problem many parents face. Nursery, it’s a big step, scary for both parent and child and for that reason it can be hard for them to let go and venture of on their own to play with people they don’t know. If your child lays

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what is the make it work campaign

Mumpreneur and Dadpreneur: Do we like these terms?

The terms mumpreneur and dadpreneur are popping up all over. It’s a sad fact of our society that we have to micro-label every facet of our culture, instead of just being what we are we are forced to squeeze ourselves into unrecognisable sub-cultures, invented by a glossy journalist trying to coin the next buzz word.

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