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dad and daughter activities

Dad and daughter activities

When it comes to daughter you may think you’ve got it covered by buying her pretty things and generally fending off boys, but actively engaging in fun activities with your little princess will strengthen the bond and make your time together far more exciting. So, if you can squirrel away a little time between texts

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Boost your CV

Applying for that dream job is all about selling yourself to your potential employer, and no matter how impressive your qualifications are, you will never get a chance if your CV doesn’t show at a glance exactly what that employer is looking for. Taking the time to look over your CV before you send it

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advice for first time parents

Shared parenting

Benefits of Shared Parenting If you have children with someone who you are no longer in a relationship with then chances are you are sharing the parenting responsibilities with that person, even if they only reside permanently with one of you. The benefits of shared parenting can be vast, although not ideal, and you can

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how to ask for pay rise

How do you ask for a pay rise

Recent economic downturn has seen more and more people finding it hard to spread their wages far enough to support all the components of their lives, especially those with children who get older and more demanding as money gets tighter. For some lucky people you may in a position where you really love your job

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stay at home dads

Tips for stay at home dads

Tips to help you thrive as a Stay at Home Dad Well you’ve decided to be a stay at home dad;  it’s a big step and you may be a little anxious about what you’re going to do now you have the reigns in your children’s upbringing, but not to worry, there are some  tips

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Kindness makes you happy

The Science of Kindness It’s sad to say that in today’s compensation society, there is lack of true kindness towards complete strangers and increasingly also toward those closet to us. Real Altruism seems as fictional today as the characters who help others in children’s books and comics, but science is beginning to show that random

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