Articles written by Steven Petter

prostate cancer

Prostate cancer

Why is it Important men get checked? In 2010 there were more than 40,000 reported cases of Prostate Cancer in the UK, and keep in mind that there will be a large proportion of people in that time period who didn’t go to the doctors. Of those people there were just over 10,000 deaths attributed

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trick or treat

The history of Trick or Treat

We all know what Trick or Treating is, it’s where we dress our children up in costumes and parade them round the streets knocking on peoples doors asking for sweets. When I was a kid we would ask for sweets and if they didn’t give us any we would egg the house, until later on

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men antenatal

Mans guide to antenatal classes

There’s nothing to fear! Just the word alone can breathe fear into the toughest of men, because most men’s view of antenatal classes are for being dragged by our pregnant wife to a local house where a woman with dreadlocks and a house full of bells teaches you how to breathe heavy and be a

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bonfire safety

Bonfire night safety

Bonfire and Firework Safety We’ve all cringed at a 2 year old holding a sparkler with a bare hand at the local fare and I’m convinced that anything combustible should come with a mandatory IQ test prior to purchase. That said, if you follow some simple rules for bonfire night safety then it’s easy to

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choosing college

Choosing a college course

Where do you start? When it comes to choosing a college course there are some key points to remember, the first, and probably most important, pick a course you are actually interested in and are likely to enjoy, don’t pick a course that you think will earn you the most money later on. There is

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school attendance

School attendance

What The Law States Simple, but your child must have a full time education. School attendance is really important today, from the age of five to the age of sixteen with no breaks in that education unless the child is too ill to attend or you have previously arranged for the child to be out

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