Articles written by Steven Petter

tattoos and piercings

Tattoos and piercings

What to do if your child wants them? Expression is an important part of human development; it’s crucial for us to make our own mark, to be unique and in some cases it’s enough to wear certain clothes or dye your hair, but in extreme cases it can be a more permanent decision. Tattoos and

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home alone

Leaving your child home alone

When can you leave a child home alone? It can be a difficult thing admitting that your child is grown up enough to be home alone, but in an increasingly more uncertain world parents are feeling less and less secure leaving your child home alone for any length of time. When I was at secondary

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pill to help you conceive

Male infertility

Infertility is generally considered to be when a couple have failed to conceive after two years of regular unprotected sex.Male Infertility can be caused by a wide ranging variety of things and it’s important to get checked if you have been trying for a baby and failing to conceive. Infertility can occur at any time,

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self esteem

Increasing low self esteem

Raising Self Esteem Low Self Esteem can be affected by a multitude of factors, be it Emotional, Physical or Environmental, often it’s the case that low self esteem can lead to further psychological difficulties and anxiety disorders. Increasing  low self esteem may seem like a milestone at the time, people usually attribute their feelings to

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fatherless families

Fatherless families

Ensuring Dad’s Play a Role in Children’s Lives It’s sad, but break-up’s happen. The real test comes after the break up when the family is divided and it comes time for dad’s to make the effort to ensure they remain a strong influence in the lives of their children. It’s all too easy for fathers

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staying together for the kids

Staying together for the kids

It’s staggering to think that 1 in 10 couple stay together during hardships and bad times just for the kids, and plan to end the relationship when the children are old enough, problem is, when are the children ever old enough? Staying together for the kids can cause more damage long term , and when

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