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daughters breakup

Daughters breakup

A Dads guide A daughters breakup can be painful and difficult for a dad to witness,when this happens then you can find yourself trying to decide whether or not you’re too pretty for prison, and the legal definitions of murder and man slaughter. It can be hard any time your daughter is upset, but when

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arguing really can kill you

Heated argument

In any relationship, be it romantic or not, disagreements happen and more often than not, common sense prevails and it all gets sorted. But every once in a while the disagreement becomes a heated argument and it can escalate to something much more serious. Getting into a tit for tat argument of one-up-manship can lead

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dads and labour

Dads guide to labour

Have you seen The Exorcist? No I’m joking it’s not that bad really, mother nature has seen fit to bless me with three wonderful children and I was there from start to finish at each birth, each one was different, for example my lazy daughter had to be sucked out with a Hoover! I have

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daughters boyfriend

Daughters boyfriend

How to React When Your Daughter Introduces Her First Boyfriend I have a five year old daughter, and although this subject is one I won’t have to face for some time, it stills scares me in the same way clowns scare normal people. I am dreading those words, ‘Dad, this is my boyfriend’, and how

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how to defend yourself

How to defend yourself

Would you say you know how to defend yourself? The answer is probably no, because not many people do. In fact, I know 3rd Dan Black Belts who struggle when they have been attacked for one very simple reason, it doesn’t matter how hard you punch with your fist if you can’t equal the power

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how co-parenting works

How co-parenting works

How Do You Make It Work? A divorce is a painstaking and difficult process to go through, and can make life with children hard to arrange, and when you come through the other end of it then being forced to see that person who you associate with so much pain can be tough. When it’s

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