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Did you survive blue monday

Depression treatment

Depression is a word that gets bounded about a lot these days, when someone has had a bad day at work they are depressed, or if their favourite football team loses then they feel depressed, but true depression is far more serious and can have a profound affect on normal day-to-day life. Around 66% of

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relationship breakdown

Coping with a break up

Coping With Relationship Break-Up Break up is painful, and whatever the reason, no matter how your feelings for the person may have changed, coping with a break up can be painful and distressing. It’s usually a feeling of guilt about the way it all ended compounded by a fear of the future and where things

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Couple on bad date bored

What Can You Learn From a Bad Date?

We’ve all been there, sitting across the table from a person with the personality of a stone, refusing point blank to laugh at your jokes and talking endlessly about their last date and how rubbish it was. You don’t understand what went wrong, when you were talking to them in the pub last week they

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Trainee on laptop

What is a Traineeship?

A traineeship is a program where young people engage in work based experiences to improve their use of English and Maths in a job environment and get them ready for full time work. How does a Traineeship work? It provides essential skills to help on the path to gaining an apprenticeship or getting a job

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couple after argument

What Do Men Really Want?

For men there is a secret weapon, a tool we can use to find out what it is that women want, and they are called Women’s Magazines. Any man who says he hasn’t read a section of a woman’s magazine desperately searching for insight into his girlfriend’s point of view is quite simply, lying. Women

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How to write a CV and Cover Letter

Writing a Curriculum Vitae, or CV, can be a pain and everyone has their own views on what a good one looks like but there are some general rules that you’ll need to follow. What should be included in your CV? The most important feature on a CV is the contact details, they must be

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