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Children in childcare

Childcare Costs 2013

So far 2013 hasn’t been an easy year for anyone, the prices of things just keeps going up and up while in the wise words of Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall, ‘Money’s too tight to mention’. So when we read reports about childcare costs in the UK and how a full time Nursery place for your

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fines for parents

Thinking of home schooling?

Put quite simply you are legally required to ensure your child is engaged in full time education, relative to their age and ability, however you are not required to send your child to state school. This opens the door for home schooling and gives some parents the chance to educate their children themselves. Whether the

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Employer supported childcare

Employer Supported Childcare

The employer supported childcare scheme looks set to be replaced in 2015 with the new tax-free childcare system which will see working parents with children under the age of five (or under 17 if they are disabled) getting money toward the cost of childcare, up to £1200 per child per year, which will look like

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Kitchen energy saving

Energy Saving in the Kitchen

It’s a fact of life that these days everyone’s pocket are getting a little lighter, that pound coin doesn’t seem to go as far and we are forced to look in as many places as possible for ways of saving a few pennies. Energy saving around the house is one way of giving yourself a

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Business savings

Business Savings Accounts: Do I need one?

If you have a business current account and your business is doing well you may have quite a lot of money sitting in your current account which isn’t earning you the interest it should be, business saving accounts act in exactly the same way as your personal account except they are designed solely for businesses.

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student bank accounts

Business Bank Accounts: What are your options?

If you run small home business to support your family then as it grows you may want to consider a Business Bank Account to give your small business more security and a greater sense of professionalism when dealing with suppliers. The benefits of having a business relationship with the bank also means support and structure

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