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How martial arts can benefit your children Four children

How martial arts can benefit your children

You may have found yourself clearing up broken picture frames and watching the dog run frantic out of the back door as your, normally mellow child, flying kicks his way around your nice, clean house. The talk of mechanical dinosaurs and talking turtles may have you worried but don’t worry, your child has discovered Martial

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Supporting a partner after miscarriage

A miscarriage is one of the most traumatic events that can happen in a woman’s life and supporting a partner after miscarriage is equally as hard. It is also distressing for the father and the physical and emotional pain for the mother is beyond most people comprehension. Losing a child at any time can be

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Weaning Do’s and Don’ts If you have a baby that is of the age where you want to start weaning then you’re in for an exciting time, and a messy time, but watching your baby explore the vast world of flavours and textures is fun and exciting. Depending on who you talk to and what

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helping your child choose a sport

Help your child choose a sport

It fast becomes apparent when you are a parent, that a child possesses an endless supply of energy that if it could be harnessed, would run a city the size of London for a life time, but happily just runs your little bundle of joy for a day. Finding a way to focus that energy

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preteen development

Pre-teen development

Pre-Teens Child Development (10-12)  Have you got a child who’s just venturing into double digits? Then you’re probably noticing some drastic changes in your child’s temperament, and leaps in their cognitive development, all of which is part of the joys of growth, but what can you expect to see happen? What should i expect? Well

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babies diagnosed with autism at 2 months

How Young is Too Young for Technology?

Welcome to the future, it’s a scary place where children as young as three can dart around a computer with very little hassle, often leaving their parents dumb-struck by what they have seen. You can’t halt progress, so what can you do? The simple answer is to nurture your child’s interest in technology and assist

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