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Why men trying for a baby should ditch tight pants

It’s been known for some time that if you’re trying for a baby, wearing tight restrictive pants can have an impact on the quality of sperm produced, but recent studies have now shown that it could actually be the biggest risk factor to sperm quality. Let loose It’s no longer just a bit of an amusing

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Shoppers at Bluewater get stuck for 6 hours!

Police had to be called to the Bluewater Shopping Center in Kent yesterday, after the car park became gridlocked, leaving shoppers stuck for hours. Influx of shoppers The nightmare shopping trip began when Bluewater had a huge unexpected influx of shoppers all hitting the mall at a similar time. The 240 acres of car parking

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bonfire safety

Next cancel firework display metres from dog rescue centre

Many pet owners will know this time of year can be incredibly stressful for their beloved pets as fireworks can terrify animals. When one of the UKs leading stores, NEXT, planned a firework display meters from East Midlands Dog Rescue Centre, many were worried for the dogs and rallied around to try and help. Dogs

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How to help a choking baby

This advertising campaign from St. John’s Ambulance was launched earlier this year, advising how you can help a choking baby. It’s saved lives. Given the recent tragedy of 2 year old Jacob Jenkins’ death after choking on a grape, every parent should familiarise themselves with basic first aid and what you can do in the event

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free school meals, school dinners

Government may scrap free school meals for infants

The Conservative party is considering scrapping free school meals for all infants in school. Spending review Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg first introduced the policy in the last coalition government and the Tories committed to it in their 2015 election manifesto. However, Sky News reports that Chancellor George Osborne is considering a back track as

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