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Dad challenges baby to a dance off

If you’re battling the Monday blues, this video will surely make you smile. Watch as this dad challenges his baby to a dance off! As dad is busting out some shapes in front of his son, when he stops and points, the baby’s reaction is priceless – enjoy!    

The worst baby names ever!

Deciding on a name for your baby is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. But according to a new Reddit thread, some parents don’t seem to be taking their responsibility very seriously. Orgasm, Airwrecker (pronounced Erika) and I’munique all featured on the list of worst baby names ever, as the Reddit thread received over

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Mum attacked & beaten in her home as she was giving birth

A 22 year old mum has been subjected to a horrific attack in her home in Basildon, Essex, while she was in labour and her 2 year old child was upstairs. Attacked while in labour The mum, who doesn’t want to be named, went into labour in her home she shares with her partner and

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What colour is the dress?

What colour is the dress? This is the question diving opinion all over the world today, as half of people say it is blue and black and the other half think it is white and gold. So how it is possible we are all looking at the same item, but seeing totally different colours? The

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Little girl pushed by a ghost makes the news

A video clip of a little girl pushed by a ghost is hitting the headlines this week. Home video footage of one year old Lexi Hood has made the news after the clip shows the toddler apparently being pushed to the ground by an unseen force. Peek-a-boo The family from Bridgend in Wales, were recording Lexi playing

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Criticism over judge ruling that pupil groomed the teacher

Following a number of complaints, the Attorney General’s Office has announced that it is to consider whether the sentence given to teacher Stuart Kerner was ‘unduly lenient’ after the judge claimed the pupil groomed the teacher. Pupil Teacher Affair The married RE teacher and vice-principal of Bexleyheath Academy in south-east London had sex with a

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