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Family escorted off a plane and met by police after son’s tantrum

A row has erupted between an Airline and parents of a two year old boy, who claim they were escorted off a plane and met by police because their child had a tantrum. Tantrum before take off The Khalfin family were travelling from the Dominican Republic to Missouri, USA, on board a Frontier Airlines plane

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Extreme head lice video appears on YouTube

A clip has emerged on YouTube thought to be one of the worst cases of head lice seen. The clip shows a mother  struggling to comb out millions of squirming white and green parasites out of her daughters hair. Extreme head lice Although head lice are very common in children and most parents will have spent time with a

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Obese mum wants more benefits to lose weight

A 26 year old mother of two who lives on benefits, has said that she is overweight because she can only afford junk food and that she should receive more benefits to lose weight. Only afford junk food Christina Briggs from Wigan, has said she hates being 25 stone, but she is only that weight

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Katie Price reveals her fifth baby’s name

After a ‘surprise’ pregnancy, cheating scandals and premature birth, Katie Price has now revealed the name of her baby daughter she gave birth to six weeks ago. Pregnancy drama Katie Price was already six months pregnant before she said she even knew she was expecting her fifth baby, her second with her third husband Kieran.

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duke and duchess of cambridge expecting

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge expecting their second baby!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have now officially announced they are expecting their second child. Sibling for Prince George It was reported that Kate was pregnant several weeks ago, when a ‘friend’ that leaked the news of her first pregnancy, again told the press that baby number two was on the way. However, it

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