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skin cancer

Age Not Relevant When Considering Cancer Treatment Says Charity

Macmillan Cancer Support believes that age should not be a factor when medical professionals are considering whether or not to administer treatment to older cancer sufferers. The charity bases its views on data that was collected between 1991 and 2010 which reveals that 130,000 cancer patients over the age of 65 lived for a further

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boxing day and january sales bonanza

Boxing day and january sales bonanza!

As stores launched their Boxing Day and January sales, consumers spent a staggering £60,000 per second in a £3bn spending spree which has broken all previous records for Boxing Day spending in the UK. Happy Campers Eager to be the first to bag bargains, many shoppers set up camp overnight, despite the heavy rains and gale

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Workplace discrimination towards pregnant women

Clamping down on discrimination in the workplace towards pregnant women

In today’s age of equality, is there still discrimination in the workplace towards mothers or pregnant women? The human rights watchdog is alarmed at the amount of women’s careers that are suffering due to  becoming a mother, and has since signalled a major clampdown on the companies to blame. The chief executive of the Equality

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New job

Drop in Jobseeker benefit claims

The National Office for National Statistics has found that the number of people out of work and claiming Jobseeker related benefits has seen its biggest monthly fall since September 1997. The ONS has recorded a dip of 41,700 in the number of Jobseekers Allowance claims in September 2013, this was following a revised total of

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