Articles written by Toni Foot

benefits for the disabled

Support for parents with disabilities

As a parent with disabilities you are entitled to support to help you meet the needs of your children. Living with a disability comes with many challenges and you may find some aspects of parenting more difficult as a result. However, there are ways to help you look after your children. This support can come

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Fun ways to announce your pregnancy

Announcing your pregnancy is one of the first exciting steps towards welcoming your new baby to the world, especially if you have been patient and kept your news a secret for a while. Why not try one of these fun ways to announce your pregnancy with your friends and family? Ways to tell your partner

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Shared parenting schedules

Divorce (or separation) is never pleasant, but when children are involved the situation can become much more complex and emotionally charged. It is difficult to set aside personal feelings and decide upon a schedule that meets the needs of all involved, but that is what MUST happen for the benefit of your children. Although it

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Planning a road trip with children

Travelling with children can feel like you are attempting to mobilize an army, but don’t despair: it is possible! These simple ideas could mean the difference between a smooth ride and the road trip from hell: Choose your destination carefully A sunny holiday might sound like a good idea, but it might not seem so

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Getting fired

Do you dread going to work in the mornings? Are you worried that you may lose your job in the near future? If so, these points may help you to make the most of your situation. Test the water If you have concerns about getting fired a good step forward may be to ask some

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Coping with a traumatic event

We all encounter stressful events on a regular basis, many of which we take in our stride and cope with without too much difficulty. However, sometimes an event causes a significant amount of stress, particularly when it happens repeatedly or poses a threat to an individual’s life, health or wellbeing. Traumatic events can affect anyone

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