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What are Diplomas?    Diplomas are courses aimed at 14 – 19 year olds who prefer a more practical than academic approach to studying. Although some schools and colleges provide courses to 14 year olds, most students begin a Diploma at age 16. Universities and employers have contributed to the development of Diplomas in order

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home schooling

Could home schooling work for your children

Is it legal to educate my child at home? Yes. Parents (or carers) are obliged to ensure that their child receives efficient full time education appropriate to the child’s age, ability, aptitude and any special educational needs they may have. Most parents fulfill this obligation by ensuring their child attends school, but that is not

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helping with homework

Helping with homework

Homework can be a challenge: both for children and their parents. Although you can’t do their homework for them, there are things you can do to make helping with homework time more productive and less of a battle. Organize appropriate homework time. Most children are able to concentrate best in the early evening. It is

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girl student

A Levels – The Parents’ Guide

A levels are qualifications undertaken by students in further education (age 16-19), mostly in academic subjects. They are traditional qualifications and as such are valued by most higher education providers (universities) and employers. What are A levels or AS levels? A levels consist of two years of study: the first year leads to an AS

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Teenagers on holiday

What are my child’s options at age 16?

Finishing school is an exciting and daunting time for most 16 year olds, with many options open to them. From the summer of 2013 the age of participation is being increased to 17. This means that although a student may choose to leave school at 16, they are required to continue participating in education in

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