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social media makes us feel lonely

Seasonal affective disorder

What is SAD? Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that is linked to the changing seasons. As with other forms of depression, symptoms usually include: Feelings of despair Loss of interest in social and daily activities Feelings of lethargy Indecisiveness Increased sleeping patterns In contrast to other forms of depression, sufferers of

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Exhausted runner

Compulsive exercise: spot the signs

Exercise is a fantastic way to keep in shape and to keep your body fit and healthy. It can provide a positive method of stress relief, create opportunities for socialising, and give an individual a great sense of achievement. However, for some people exercise regimes become such a vital part of their life that they

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Single mother and little boy

Single parent adoption: Yes it is possible

Adoption offers the opportunity for children to find new families that can provide the love and stability their birth families are unable or unwilling to give them. Those new families can take many forms and who they are is not as important as their ability to provide a loving home for the child. Can I

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love me love my child

Love me love my child

As a single parent it can be difficult to make time to meet your own needs and relationships can seem like a distant memory. However, it is important to remember that if you are happy as an individual then you will almost certainly be a better parent to your children. Of course happiness does not

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father working with baby

Achieving the work life balance

Unless you are lucky enough to be a bored millionaire who goes to work for fun, most working people do so because they need to. Perhaps you have the job of your dreams to help you pay the bills or perhaps you have the only job you could find. Either way, people often feel ‘trapped’

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cognitive behavioural therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy

What is CBT? Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy designed to help individuals change the way they think about challenging situations. It is commonly used to treat people suffering from a range of mental disorders including: Depression Anxiety Post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) Chronic pain Panic attacks Eating disorders Phobias Addictions Obsessive-compulsive disorder

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