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SAD seasonal affective disorder

Situational Depression

Whenever you experience significant life events you need time to adjust or recover.  Sometimes, particularly when these events are traumatic, you may not cope very well for a short time and you may develop situational depression (also often referred to as ‘adjustment disorder’). What is Situational Depression? Unlike clinical (or major) depression, situational depression is

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social media makes us feel lonely

I feel depressed

I feel depressed – what should I do?  Whether you are a high-flying career person or a stay-at-home parent chances are you will have experienced the natural ups and downs of life. Everyone feels a bit low once in a while but sometimes it can start to become overwhelming and you may need a bit

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concentrate at school

Does your child struggle to concentrate at school?

Many children struggle to concentrate on a tedious piece of homework or would rather gaze out over the school fields than listen to the gems of knowledge a teacher is desperately trying to share with them. Most children manage to maintain concentration for most of their time at school, but some have real difficulty doing

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Aggressive child

Aggressive behaviour in children

Seeing aggressive behaviour towards other children can be very worrying (and embarrassing) for parents. It is important that the aggression is dealt with appropriately to ensure the child doesn’t develop more serious issues. Sometimes the aggression is perfectly normal and understandable – after all, everyone gets frustrated occasionally. It can even be beneficial for a

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arts thearpy and depression

Art therapy and depression

Art therapy is a way to express difficult thoughts, memories and emotions without having to use words. Art therapy and depression can work well as an alternative treatment to try. Art therapists can use music, drama, voice, dance or art to enable someone to work through their difficulties in way that bypasses the need to

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giving up the dummy

Giving up the dummy

Why do babies like dummies? Giving up the dummy can be a task many parents and children dread as their babies have always had their comforter with them for as long as they remember. But why to babies like dummy’s in the first place? Aside from the obvious nutritional purpose, feeding also requires close contact

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