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encourage creativity in your children

Keeping your toddler active

Use their energy efficiently Keeping your toddler active can be very challenging at times, especially when you need to focus on other things or even just sit down for a well-earned rest! However, it is important to ensure that toddlers do stay active for a good portion of their day. Try to avoid keeping them

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making time for your children

How to become a childminder

Are you thinking about how to become a childminder? Childminding can be an incredibly rewarding and flexible way to balance caring for a family and earning an income. Although its not all plain sailing (there will be days when you see more bodily fluids than you thought it possible for little bodies to produce), taking

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raising your child's self esteem

Comparing the cost of childcare

Comparing the cost of childcare and choosing the appropriate option can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to be sure that your child will be happy and well cared for, but you have to consider the financial implications of childcare. For many parents this is one of their biggest expenses and for

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Is the most expensive childminder the best?

Childminder or Nursery?

Deciding whether you want a childminder or nursery look after your child whilst you are working can be one of the most difficult decisions you have to make. All parents want the best for their child, but each family has different needs and preferences. Here are some suggestions that may help you to start your

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what is the make it work campaign

What is the ‘make it work’ campaign?

Gingerbread: Helping single parents get back into work Have you heard of  or wondered what is the ‘make it work campaign? Bringing up a family involves a careful balancing act where parents have to manage childcare, finances and the physical and emotional needs of their children. This delicate balance becomes even more elusive when a

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Working part time or full time

Getting a work life balance

Getting a work life balance can be pretty tricky – Picture a hippo and a mouse sat on a seesaw. It’s fair to say that the little mouse would be petrified, and squeaking and screaming for the hippo to get off… If your work-life balance feels like an exceptionally  unfair balancing act and you can see

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