Articles written by Valerie Hazelrig

learn from mistakes

Learning from mistakes

We all do it! Whenever I made a mistake – from the smallest driving boob to burning down my  kitchen during a lobster flambéing accident, I used to beat myself up about it  until I was black and blue in the mind. None of us like making mistakes, but they are an inevitable part of

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coping with ibs

Coping with IBS

Over 6 million people are living with diagnosed IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) in the UK. The medical management of this often misunderstood illness can be complex and due to the very nature of the illness, sufferers coping with IBS often find it difficult to discuss their symptoms and in turn the management of their treatment.

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businesswoman looks unhappy

Is there really equality in the workplace?

Depressing news for career women. A recent study by the Chartered Management Institute has discovered that men still earn more than their female counterparts, even when they do identical jobs. Despite 40 years of legislation demanding equality and equal pay in the workplace, it seems not much has changed. New research shows that women earn

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Easter eggs

Easter Egg Alternatives

Ask any child what Easter means to them, and chances are their eyes will light up, they will lick their lips, and then say ‘LOTS of chocolate eggs.’ For most kids, the real meaning of Easter has been buried beneath a mound of foil-coated, high calorie Easter eggs, pretty much guaranteed to rot teeth and

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