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Call for MPs to review the cost of childcare

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A leading charity is urging MPs to review the rising cost of childcare. The Family and Childcare Trust would like to see all political parties commit to an independent appraisal of how much childcare costs and what can be done to reduce the impact on working families.

Survey on cost of childcare

A recent report by The Family and Childcare Trust surveyed 196 local authorities around the UK. It suggests that the cost of a part-time nursery place has risen by 33%, or £1,533, since 2010. In the past year alone costs have increased by 5%, which means that placing a child in nursery for 25 hours per week now costs more than £6,000 each year. In London, that figure stands at almost £8,000 per year. In fact, the average family now spends more on childcare each year than they do on their mortgage.More childcare help for working parents


The report acknowledges that while childcare costs have been steadily increasing, wages have “remained largely static”. This has contributed to the fact that for many families, it does not make financial sense for both parents to go out to work, despite the efforts of government to help parents with childcare costs.

“Over the last five years, while there have been deep cuts to other public services, the coalition government has increased spending on childcare,” states the report. “But despite this welcome investment, this year’s survey, the 14th in the series, finds childcare prices have continued to increase and the gaps in provision remain unfilled. The reality is that for too many families it simply does not pay to work.”

Simple system

Chief executive of The Family and Childcare Trust, Stephen Dunmore, commented: “In the run-up to the general election this May we want to see all political parties commit to an independent review of childcare. Britain needs a simple system that promotes quality, supports parents and delivers for children.”



5 Responses to “Call for MPs to review the cost of childcare”

  1. Joanne

    If I returned to work for two days (14 hours) then I would be largely out of pocket as childcare for two children far outweighs the earnings I would make.

  2. Michelle Jamieson

    Fully support this, I’m lucky that my husband and I are able to afford for me to only work part time and that I have a wonderful friend that shares child care with me so I only have to pay for one day a week, but still that amounts to £192 a month, I can totally understand why some people can’t afford to go back to work, especially if they are on minimum wage etc.

  3. Terri Kovacs

    It would be nice if full time working parents were actually entitled to free childcare or subsidised fees instead of people on benefits taking advantage of the system

  4. Beth

    My partner can not take a promotion due to 9-5 hours the same as me. This is due to then having to pay full time childcare for my 3 year old through the week costing more than our rent. Although we would get more time as as family and more money we financially couldn’t afford the rise in childcare costs. Our current arrangement at work leaves us both with no time as a family.

  5. Steph

    Our childcare fees are more than our mortgage too! We have had to have a bigger age gap than we wanted between our boys as we couldn’t afford 2 nursery fees at once! We do get tax relief on so much per month on nursery fees but it’s still a lot of money. In total for my 2 boys I reckon we would have spent over £50000! You do feel penalised for working and sometimes think it would be easier to be on benefits where you would get free childcare.


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