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What kind of bank account works for you

What kind of Bank account works for you

Opening a bank account sounds straightforward enough. You go in, deposit some cash, tell them about your direct debits and standing orders and off you go. However, it’s not quite that simple. You need to think about how you’re going to use the account and what type of account works best for you. With a

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Should I switch to Online Banking?

There is very little we can’t do over the internet and banking is one of those. Online banking is becoming more and more popular as customers face increasing fees and less attractive rate from the traditional banking options on our high streets. With no branches, low fees and higher interest rates, is switching to online

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credit score?

Can you improve your credit rating?

Are you wondering ‘can you improve your credit rating?’ Your credit score can affect your ability to successfully apply for finance products or benefit from preferential rates. However, do you know exactly how it’s calculated or the best ways of improving it? What’s a credit score? Your credit rating is used by lenders to determine how

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travel money

Travel Money: Get the best deal

Travel money shouldn’t be forgotten about. In these times of financial austerity, we all want to get the best for our bucks and it’s no different when we travel abroad. You might think it’s just easier to change our cash at the Bureau De Change at the airport but shopping around for the best exchange

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store card incentives banned

Store Cards: Are they a good deal?

Store cards are everywhere; we’ve all got to the front of the queue in a shop and no sooner have we put our goods down we are being asked whether we’re interested in opening a store card and saving money. So what are they really all about and can they ever be wise to take

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