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    Business finance

    If you’re searching for business finance, you have a number of routes you can go down. From loans and grants to investment finance and overdrafts; there’s a lot of help available. However, each form of finance comes with its own pros and cons so you need to work out which one would best suit your

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    business partnership

    How does a business partnership work

    Business partnerships are often formed when two individual sole traders come together. If you’re considering forming a partnership then it’s important that you consider all the implications of doing so. How does a business partnership work?  Before you enter into the agreement you should be aware of the risks involved and how it will work

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    financing a new business

    Buying a new business how do you finance it

    When buying a new business its so important to have your finances sorted out,when asked about buying a new business how do you finance it that’s the tricky question!Trying to get the money together  can seem like an impossible task. The good news is there are various avenues you can go down to get the

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    coping with busy business

    How do you cope when your business gets busy

    Coping when your business gets busier As a business owner, you’re always striving for more leads, customers, sales and ultimately, profits, but how do you cope when your business gets busy? Being busy is every business owner’s dream, but without the right resources, landing that big contract or being discovered by an influential celeb could

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    prepaid card

    Prepaid cards: What are the fees and how do they work?

    Prepaid cards are a convenient and safe way to spend the money you have, rather than the money you don’t have. In this day and age convenience is everything, but when you use a credit or debit card there’s a risk you could end up in debt. There’s also a chance that you’ll also struggle

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    Should I switch to Online Banking?

    There is very little we can’t do over the internet and banking is one of those. Online banking is becoming more and more popular as customers face increasing fees and less attractive rate from the traditional banking options on our high streets. With no branches, low fees and higher interest rates, is switching to online

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