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  • Business savings

    Business Savings Accounts: Do I need one?

    If you have a business current account and your business is doing well you may have quite a lot of money sitting in your current account which isn’t earning you the interest it should be, business saving accounts act in exactly the same way as your personal account except they are designed solely for businesses.

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    student bank accounts

    Business Bank Accounts: What are your options?

    If you run small home business to support your family then as it grows you may want to consider a Business Bank Account to give your small business more security and a greater sense of professionalism when dealing with suppliers. The benefits of having a business relationship with the bank also means support and structure

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    children saving with piggybank

    Teaching children to save money

    As a youngster, I thought that if you needed money, you either got some out of your purse or went to the bank. Whilst that is true to a certain extent, it isn’t really the whole picture. If you want your children to grow up understanding the value of money, it’s important to start teaching

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    tips for surviving on a low income

    Saving Money Tips: You don’t need to miss out

    We are generally becoming much better at saving money and cutting back on luxuries. The days of endless cheap unsecured loans, full employment and live-now-pay-later lifestyles are well behind us, with the cold hard reality of thrift now playing an important part in most people’s lives. The trick to dealing with this is to find

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    loan sharks

    Are the Bailiffs at your door?

    Are the bailiffs at your door, demanding payment for debt? The first step is not to panic. Easier said than done when you are facing the prospect of having your possessions taken, but there are steps you can take to make them go away. Don’t bury your head Prevention is always better than cure and

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    credit score?

    Can you improve your credit rating?

    Are you wondering ‘can you improve your credit rating?’ Your credit score can affect your ability to successfully apply for finance products or benefit from preferential rates. However, do you know exactly how it’s calculated or the best ways of improving it? What’s a credit score? Your credit rating is used by lenders to determine how

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