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    Second bank account: Get ready to bail…

    Switching current accounts or opening a second bank account to escape bank charges that you simply cannot afford is sometimes your only option of escape. Imagine: You are thousands of feet above the earth in a propeller plane. Far below, the fields spread out like patchwork handkerchiefs. The roads look like pencil lines and you

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    Testicular cancer symptoms

    Overdraft fees: Don’t Get Trapped

    One day with any luck the shockingly high bank overdraft fees and charges that kick in when you go overdrawn will be a thing of the past, but for the time being we’re stuck with a collusive banking sector that’s legally entitled to charge us disproportionate amounts of cash when we go one penny over

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    Prepaid Cards: As Good as Cash

    Prepaid Cards can be life savers Once upon a time the typical holiday from hell involved turning up to the one of the Spanish Costa’s and discovering that you hotel was a building site, or getting food poisoning from a less than hygienic kitchen. These days, though the ultimate dread scenario is having your cash

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    Can you reclaim your PPI?

    How do you reclaim your PPI?

    What’s PPI? I’m sure most of us will have been there, sat in the bank, shop or on the end of a phone, nervously waiting to see whether we have been accepted for a loan, mortgage, credit or store card and then signing on the dotted line without really checking the small print. The problem

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