Cashback and Reward Credit cards

Airline credit cards

Airline Credit Cards

If you’re looking for a new credit card and want to build up points towards free flights, airline credit cards can be appealing. What type of customers are these best suited to and how do you build up points quickly? What are airline credit cards? These credit cards are branded by the major airlines and

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travel money

Travel Money: Get the best deal

Travel money shouldn’t be forgotten about. In these times of financial austerity, we all want to get the best for our bucks and it’s no different when we travel abroad. You might think it’s just easier to change our cash at the Bureau De Change at the airport but shopping around for the best exchange

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store card incentives banned

Store Cards: Are they a good deal?

Store cards are everywhere; we’ve all got to the front of the queue in a shop and no sooner have we put our goods down we are being asked whether we’re interested in opening a store card and saving money. So what are they really all about and can they ever be wise to take

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Business borrowing

Business Borrowing: What are the options?

Is business borrowing as difficult as it sounds? You have been dreaming up your new business venture, have a business plan that Alan Sugar would be proud of and are ready to embark on your self employed journey of a lifetime. There is just one thing standing in your way- money. Money to set your

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Premier bank accounts piggy banks

Family Budgeting: How to keep on top of your spending

Out of all the truly horrible household tasks, dealing with the family budgeting must surely be the worst. But also the most necessary. Here is some help on how to approach it, with the minimum of stress and anguish. So arm yourself with a notebook and pen and get down to business. Don’t forget the

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how to spend nothing

Should I cancel my old credit card?

Many of you may have that trusty old credit card tucked away in the back of your purse or wallet; you rarely use it, but can’t bring yourself to cancel. Perhaps you like the security of having an emergency card or maybe you have forgotten and presumed because you don’t use it, it’s not really

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