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Prepaid Cards: As Good as Cash

Prepaid Cards can be life savers Once upon a time the typical holiday from hell involved turning up to the one of the Spanish Costa’s and discovering that you hotel was a building site, or getting food poisoning from a less than hygienic kitchen. These days, though the ultimate dread scenario is having your cash

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Cashback websites

Cashback Credit Cards- Are they right for you?

Too good to be true? A credit card that actually pays you to spend money – It sounds too good to be true and more like something we can only dream of. But the amount of cashback credit cards on the market today has doubled in the last 2 years, and is continuing to increase.

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Can you reclaim your PPI?

How do you reclaim your PPI?

What’s PPI? I’m sure most of us will have been there, sat in the bank, shop or on the end of a phone, nervously waiting to see whether we have been accepted for a loan, mortgage, credit or store card and then signing on the dotted line without really checking the small print. The problem

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0% spending credit cards

Can you get a Credit Card if you work part time?

For many parents, working part time offers you the chance to have a job alongside your other commitments. However, when it comes to applying for credit cards this doesn’t always work in your favour. The financial downturn has meant that more people are working part time. This has resulted in lenders relaxing their criteria, especially

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should I cancel unused credit cards

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

We’ve all seen the adverts on TV trying to temp us to transfer our credit cards or get junk mail through the post declaring you are entitled to 0% or low interest credit card and you must ‘apply today’! But what do balance transfer credit cards really mean for us? Are they just another way

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