Check your credit rating

should i get a personal contract purchase or hire purchase agreement when buying a car?

Car Leasing Vs Car Loan

Considering getting a new car? Weighing up car leasing Vs car loan? When you’re looking to purchase a new car there are a range of options open to you. You can pay the full amount in cash, lease the vehicle or take out a car loan. If you want to finance your purchase through a

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credit score?

Can you improve your credit rating?

Are you wondering ‘can you improve your credit rating?’ Your credit score can affect your ability to successfully apply for finance products or benefit from preferential rates. However, do you know exactly how it’s calculated or the best ways of improving it? What’s a credit score? Your credit rating is used by lenders to determine how

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mortgage lending

Remortgaging to save money: Is it an option for me?

Remortgaging to save money: Is it an option for me? Remortgaging to save money has been an option many people have been opting for in recent years. For most people, mortgage repayments represent their largest monthly outgoing and any way in which you can save money or repay the debt quicker is good news. Mortgage rates

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store card incentives banned

Store Cards: Are they a good deal?

Store cards are everywhere; we’ve all got to the front of the queue in a shop and no sooner have we put our goods down we are being asked whether we’re interested in opening a store card and saving money. So what are they really all about and can they ever be wise to take

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Would you take from your childrens savings?

Current Accounts Guide

Current accounts might be a bit of a minefield; you may be someone who opened their first bank account as a child and have stuck with it since or perhaps you’re considering switching banks and want to know what account will suit you best? Current accounts come in all different shapes and sizes and getting

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how to spend nothing

Should I cancel my old credit card?

Many of you may have that trusty old credit card tucked away in the back of your purse or wallet; you rarely use it, but can’t bring yourself to cancel. Perhaps you like the security of having an emergency card or maybe you have forgotten and presumed because you don’t use it, it’s not really

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