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Benefits Cap And Housing Benefit Advice

A benefits cap is a limit on the total amount of benefits any single person or couple aged 16 to 64 can claim. This means, the level of a particular benefit may go down if you claim more than one benefit. Which benefits can be included in the capped amount? Benefits affected by the cap

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managing on a low income

Managing on a low income

Purse strings are often tight at this time of year, but if you’re managing on a low income then things can be particularly difficult. Figures published by think tank, The Resolution Foundation, last month suggest that a record 5.2million workers in the UK are in low paid jobs; that means earning less than two thirds

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Social security cuts to affect working families more than non working families

Social security cuts affect more working families than non working families

During the current Parliament, the Government has announced a wealth of measures aimed at cutting the annual welfare bill. The main focus of these has been to encourage more people into work and show that employment actually pays more than living on benefits. However, analysis conducted by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has found that

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benefit fraud

Benefit fraud

What is benefit fraud? Most people claiming benefits are honest and claim only the amount of money they are entitled to. However, there are a few who intentionally withhold information so that they can receive more money from the government. These people are committing benefit fraud – an issue that cost the UK taxpayer an

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Widowed parent allowance

Widowed parents allowance

Losing a wife, husband or civil partner is difficult at any time. If you’re fairly young and have dependent children it can be an extremely tough period. Not only are you trying to hold things together emotionally, but you also have to ensure that your family is provided for financially. If you’re widowed with children

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should benefits be capped for large families

Should benefits be capped for large families

Austerity measures are not only here to stay under the coalition government but are set to continue with major cuts to the welfare state widely expected. Chancellor George Osborne has previously stated that he expects the measures to last at least until 2018, with a further £25billion of cuts needed after the next election. Which

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