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  • Life Insurance: Do I need it?

    Life Insurance: Do I need it?

    Nobody likes to think about dying, but if you want to make sure that your family’s future is secure then you need to consider taking out a life insurance policy. Around one in three of us don’t have any life insurance. Different levels of life insurance cover The different types and levels of cover can

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    how to spend nothing

    Should I cancel my old credit card?

    Many of you may have that trusty old credit card tucked away in the back of your purse or wallet; you rarely use it, but can’t bring yourself to cancel. Perhaps you like the security of having an emergency card or maybe you have forgotten and presumed because you don’t use it, it’s not really

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    pros and cons of the Help to buy scheme

    How to get the best self-employed mortgage

    Self-employed mortgages readily available Anyone with even a passing interest in the UK mortgage market will tell you what a minefield it is nowadays, with post-crunch lenders nowhere near as generous as they were 6 years ago, but people are still borrowing, and plenty of them are self-employed. Despite lenders now having a reputation for

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    starting your own business

    Tax: Am I paying the correct amount?

    In the words of HM Revenue and Customs, ‘Tax doesn’t have to be taxing’. And they’re right. It pays to know how it works so here’s a quick guide: PAYE The UK’s Pay As You Earn system (PAYE) collects tax from us as our wages are paid in. We pay tax throughout the year rather

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    cancel my old credit card?

    How much should you have in savings for a rainy day?

    If you’re already struggling to pay the bills or just break even every month, it can be hard to put money aside savings for a rainy day. There are often more pressing priorities and you might just hope that the rainy day never materialises. How much should you ideally have saved for an emergency and

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    arguing over money

    Do you argue with your partner about money?

    Money makes the world go round; it is also one of the leading reasons so many couples are divorcing in the UK as well. When you are struggling with debt, redundancy, an unexpected bill or bailiffs at the door, it can be extremely stressful on our relationships and many of us take our frustrations out

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