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    Are house prices on the increase?

    With the recession still fresh in everyone’s minds, we’ve become more conscious of house prices. Following a dramatic decline over the past few years, a number of recent figures have shown that the market is starting to pick up. Is this a continuing trend and what are the reasons behind the increases? What do the

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    Buying or renting? The pros and cons

    With the cost of buying a house rising faster than salaries and rent, it can be confusing trying to decide which option is best for you. We weigh up the pros and cons of buying versus renting. Counting up the costs Whether you are renting or buying, you are still entering into a legal agreement

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    Mortgage broker with family

    Questions for your mortgage broker

    If you’re thinking about using a mortgage broker, then it’s important that you select one that can provide you with the best level of service. This is a big commitment that could end up costing you more over time if you don’t make the right decision. Therefore, it‘s important that you ask them the right

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    letting your house

    Home Buyers Guide

    Choosing to buy a house will be the most important decision you ever make, so you need to consider all the details. This home buyers guide highlights what you should be thinking about before you make your purchase. Can you afford to buy? We all dream about owning our own home, but this shouldn’t be

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    affordable ownership

    Government affordable home ownership schemes: What are the options?

    If you’re looking to buy a property, whether as a first time buyer or a home mover, there are a number of Government backed schemes available. It can sometimes be confusing as to what applies to which type of buyer and which properties. This guide provides you with all the essential information about affordable home

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    family with mortgage broker

    Choosing a mortgage broker

    Finding the right mortgage deal is not a quick or easy process. If you go direct to each lender it can take a long time and you won’t always get the best deals. By choosing a mortgage broker, you can research a much wider range of products in a short period of time. What services

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