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Small Claims Court: What is the process?

What is a small claims court? The term “small claims court” is actually a misnomer – there is no court specifically to deal with small claims, however there is a small claims process within county courts, a series of provisions specifically used to settle claims below a certain value – they usually can’t be above

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first utility

First Utility

Think all energy suppliers are the same? First Utility really is different  Energy suppliers and prices are a hot topic at the moment; with prices increasing year on year and energy suppliers all battling for our custom and claiming to offer the cheapest bills, it can be difficult to know who to stick with and

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university budgeting

Business finance

If you’re searching for business finance, you have a number of routes you can go down. From loans and grants to investment finance and overdrafts; there’s a lot of help available. However, each form of finance comes with its own pros and cons so you need to work out which one would best suit your

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continuous payment cards

Continuous payment contracts

There’s been considerable discussion in the news recently about continuous payment contracts. They’re often referred to in criticism of payday loan lenders, but they’re also a popular choice for online dating sites and gyms. What exactly is a continuous payment and how can you avoid being the victim of one? What is a continuous payment

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Choosing a good accountant

Choosing a good  accountant should be a time consuming process. It isn’t something you should rush into; yet that’s exactly what many people do.Think about it – the person you hire is going to be looking after your business and your personal matters. They will know everything about your finances which means you need to

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