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  • home repossession ton increase along with house prices

    Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance: What you need to know

    Mortgage payment protection insurance might seem like an additional expense, but it could get you out of a financial mess in the future if you’re unable to make your mortgage repayments. The UK  is currently experiencing a prolonged episode of economic decline which is expected to continue for some time. With this arises an assortment

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    Public liability quotes online

    Public Liability Insurance: Make sure you’re covered

    Public liability insurance could be your safety net in the event of an unexpected claim. The phrase ‘where there’s blame there’s a claim’ is probably one drummed into our heads after years of TV adverts for injury lawyers wanting to ‘help you get the money you deserve’ after accident or injury. If you run your

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    mobile phone insurance

    Mobile Phone Insurance: Be sure to shop around

    Mobile phone insurance is fairly common nowadays and with the majority of us having smart phones that can cost upwards for £500, taking out insurance for something we use daily and rely on for just about everything, is a wise move. However with the Financial Ombudsman dealing with over 600 complaints about mobile phone insurance

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    tax liabilities as a landlord

    Landlord Insurance: What does it cover?

    Landlord insurance should be considered if you’re renting out properties or your own home. With high house prices and stringent lending conditions making it increasing difficult to get a mortgage or increase your mortgage, many are finding it easier to just rent a property or even rent out their property to save money. Some might

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    gap insurance

    Gap Insurance: How does it work?

    Gap insurance is often completely forgotten about. Buying or renting a brand new car is an exciting, but also expensive, time; whether you pay for it outright or through finance, you’re putting a large investment into the vehicle. Unfortunately, if you have an accident and the car is written off or it’s stolen, your insurance policy

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    moving house checklist

    Car Warranty Insurance: Is it a good deal?

    Car warranty insurance might feel like just another additional expense, but running the family car can be an expensive business, with fuel, tax, insurance, servicing and repairs. We’ve come to rely on them for day to day life, so if they suddenly need repairing it can be a costly and inconvenient exercise. Warranty insurance is

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