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  • How to finance building a home extension

    How to finance building a home extension

    If you’ve ever dreamed of having more space in your home then chances are you’ve considered building an extension. Creating extra family space in this way may be more cost-effective than moving house, but will still make a significant dent in your finances – you may think it’s beyond your budget. But don’t give up

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    managing your money more efficiently

    Manage your money more efficiently

    Money management isn’t a subject often taught in schools, yet it’s a skill we all need to use throughout adulthood. Whether you’re looking to spend less, build up some savings or need to be a little more organised with your cash flow, the benefits of managing your money are pretty obvious. Keep a record Make

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    saving money on your holiday

    Saving money on your holiday

    Winter gloom is enough to prompt many of us to start thinking about our summer holidays. But as with any big expense, it pays to do your homework before parting with your cash. Avoid being drawn-in by mesmerising images of sun-kissed beaches and keep a focus on the numbers. There is plenty of time ahead

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    2015 budget

    Making your money go further

    No matter how much you earn, you probably wish you could make your money go further. Here are some tips on how to make sure you get the most out of your cash. Budget Even if you don’t find yourself running short at the end of the month, budgeting can be a great way of

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    why you may be turned down for credit

    Why you may be turned down for credit

    Until the banking crisis in 2008, lenders were virtually throwing money at people and getting a loan or credit was practically routine. After coming under fire for irresponsible lending, they clamped down and the repercussions of that are still being felt six years later. Even now, getting refused for credit can feel like a body

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    Christmas on a loan or credit card

    Christmas on a Credit Card or Loan

    Those Christmas marketing magicians know how to tickle our festive fancy and before we know it, our seasonal ‘must have’ list is as long as your arm. Everything from flashy lights and table decorations to personalised Santa sacks and Christmas jumpers becomes an essential. But stop and think – when the credit card statement hits

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