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The state pension what to expect

The State Pension: What can you expect?

For years, the UK has had a state pension where providing you have made the appropriate amount of National Insurance contributions, when you reach pension age you would receive a standard amount of money paid to you. Big State Pension shortfall due to people living longer Over recent years, the dynamics in the UK have

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dressing for an interview

Return to Work Credits: Could they help you to get back to work?

Returning to work is greatly encouraged by the government for both the health of the economy and personal growth and financial independence. It should also have a positive impact on both your daily life and your bank balance. For those who have been receiving certain benefits and are planning on returning to work, then you

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Working part time or full time

Returning to work after claiming benefits: What help is available?

Returning to work after claiming benefits isn’t always easy If you’re thinking of going back to work after claiming benefits it can be a confusing time financially. Whether you’re a lone parent or in a relationship, it can be hard to work out exactly what you’ll be entitled to and if you’ll be better off.

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Family babysitters: Are you taking advantage?

Pension Credit: Who can claim and how much?

While most of us may have heard of Housing Benefit or Job Seekers allowance, Pension Credit might not be something we are aware of. So if you are of pension age or have family or friends that are, then you may be interested to learn a little more about the benefit which you don’t pay

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raising your child's self esteem

Child Tax Credits: Are you entitled to claim?

Juggling a demanding job with a busy family life, it’s no wonder that many working mums and dads are simply too busy to check what they’re entitled to from the Government, but you could be eligible for more than you think. There are millions of pounds in potential Child Tax Credits unclaimed in the UK

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Welfare reform

Benefits and Welfare Reform: Who is affected by the changes?

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) have said they want to restructure the welfare benefit system to encourage going out to work and are in the process of bringing in three big changes. The welfare reform will affect a large proportion of benefit claimants. Welfare Reform benefit cap will be part of the changes

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