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Payday loans

  • bad credit loans

    Bad credit loans

    Unfortunately, we’re not all blessed with perfect credit ratings, which can cause issues when applying for loans and credit cards. This isn’t always a result of bad financial management and sometimes circumstances mean we’re unable to make the repayments. For those in this situation, there are a number of specialist lenders that are still prepared

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    Better ways to borrow than a payday loan

    I can’t pay my payday loan

    Payday loans can be useful in certain circumstances and when they’re used in the way they were intended. They are an option for short term loans or when emergencies arise and there is no other way to obtain the money. Problems can occur, though, if you find you can’t meet the repayments, but there are

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    save money now for Christmas

    Save money now for Christmas

    We know it’s coming every year. We know the exact date. Yet still, for many of us, the expense of Christmas takes us by surprise. We hit January all wide-eyed and skint from the shock of it all. The sensible side of your brain knows you should really start thinking about Christmas in January and,

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    Christmas on a loan or credit card

    Facts about loans and borrowing money

    Whether you’re looking to make a large expensive purchase or want to pay off a few smaller debts creating just one payment, a loan may be the right solution for you. Here are some facts about loans and borrowing money. Can I apply for a loan? If you are over the age of 18, have

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    payday loans vs overdrafts

    Payday loans vs overdrafts

    We all know that payday loans involve excruciatingly high interest rates and are really best avoided. So is it payday loans vs overdrafts or should we shop around for an alternative? Those finding themselves a bit short of cash at the end of the month often opt for dipping into an overdraft rather than paying

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    payday lenders

    Will using payday loans affect my credit rating

    There may be times when a PayDay loan is a necessary last resort to get you out of a financial fix. Will using payday loans affect my credit rating and affect the way traditional lenders will view my creditworthiness in the future? BBC Newsnight recently conducted a spot of research that suggested mortgage lenders may

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