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Renting your home

  • sheltered housing scheme

    Sheltered housing schemes

    Sheltered Housing is aimed at the over-60s, with some schemes being available to those aged 55 and over. Available to couples or those living alone, sheltered housing offers accommodation that supports independent living, with help on hand if it is needed. Properties are generally purpose-built on a secure complex that offers flats, bungalows and houses

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    How to add value to your home

    How to increase the value of your home

    Six ways to increase the value of your home Whether you’re thinking of selling soon or at some point in the future, it’s worth considering how some improvements can increase the value of your home. There are some changes that will help to increase the price and give you a better chance of selling. However, other

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    Buying a listed building

    A listed building is one that has been awarded special status due to its architectural or historical interest. A listed building is afforded certain protections from alterations that may cause the reason for its interest to be damaged in some way. The older a building is, the more likely it is to be listed. It

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    tax liabilities as a landlord

    What are your tax liabilities as a landlord?

    Once you start renting out a property, you will be expected to start paying tax as you would with any other business. Each businesses tax is worked out slightly differently – and your tax liabilities as a landlord takes into consideration the annual rent and your expenses. What expenses can you claim? All businesses have expenses

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    letting your house

    Letting your house: Using a letting agent vs. DIY landlord

    So, you’ve made the decision to enter the buy to let market or are letting your house. However, after buying a property and doing it up, you’ve still got one final big decision to make. Should you use a letting agent to let it out for you, or should you become a DIY landlord? Initially

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    Should my teenager pay board?

    You presume that raising children until the age of 18 or when they finish university is enough. Previous generations have tended to move out of the family home as soon as possible, but more and more older children are choosing to remain there. With this in mind, are you wondering ‘should my teenager pay board?’

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