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  • tips for surviving on a low income

    Saving Money Tips: You don’t need to miss out

    We are generally becoming much better at saving money and cutting back on luxuries. The days of endless cheap unsecured loans, full employment and live-now-pay-later lifestyles are well behind us, with the cold hard reality of thrift now playing an important part in most people’s lives. The trick to dealing with this is to find

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    The state pension what to expect

    The State Pension: What can you expect?

    For years, the UK has had a state pension where providing you have made the appropriate amount of National Insurance contributions, when you reach pension age you would receive a standard amount of money paid to you. Big State Pension shortfall due to people living longer Over recent years, the dynamics in the UK have

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    refunds know your rights

    University student spending and debt

    How big of a problem is student spending and the debt that will follow for many years after the end of completing a degree? Tequila mouthwash and waking up with a traffic cone on your head are all a part of student life, as are instant noodles, boring lectures and DEBT. Most students have to

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    cancel my old credit card?

    How much should you have in savings for a rainy day?

    If you’re already struggling to pay the bills or just break even every month, it can be hard to put money aside savings for a rainy day. There are often more pressing priorities and you might just hope that the rainy day never materialises. How much should you ideally have saved for an emergency and

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    Should I use an Independent Financial Advisor?

    Should I Use An Independent Financial Advisor?

    What does an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) do? In short, an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) will offer advice and information about investments, protection products, mortgages, pensions, annuities, tax structuring and financial planning. If you are just wanting to cut bills, re-jig your finances, or cut credit card debt, a financial advisor won’t be the person

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    Piggy bank family

    What is an ISA?

    ISA stand for Individual Savings Account, and they’re the most basic form of tax avoidance available to residents of the UK. When did we start using an ISA? Back in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, the forerunners to ISAs were launched by the Thatcher and Major governments. You may remember PEPs (Personal Equity Plans) and

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