Scams and fraud

how to shop online safely

How to shop online safely

There’s no escaping it – the technological age is here. Most homes now have a computer and every second person on the street has a smart phone in their hand. So instead of fearing it, we should embrace this era of modern technology; because despite whatever evils it may bring, it certainly makes life easier

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Holiday entitlements at work

Beware of holiday scams

Be aware! A recent survey by Which? has shown that consumers are throwing away more than £3,500 on holiday scams. Two thirds affected by scams Around 66% of those surveyed either knows someone, or they’ve been a victim of a scam themselves within the past three years. What’s even more staggering is the amount of

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phone scam

New telephone scam

New telephone scam warning More than £7 million has been lost thanks to a new telephone scam. A warning has been issued by Financial Fraud Action UK, after the new ‘Vishing’ scam came to light.It’s estimated that a quarter of adults are exposed to this scam and at risk of losing a lot of money.

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